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Tue Oct 5
Start TimeEvent ResultReports
11:30Individual Pursuit Men Qualification
12:45500 m Time Trial Women Final
13:251000 m Time Trial Men Final
14:05500 m Time Trial Women Medal Ceremony
14:151000 m Time Trial Men Medal Ceremony
14:25Individual Pursuit Men Bronze Medal Race
Followed ByIndividual Pursuit Men Gold Medal Race
14:50Individual Pursuit Men Medal Ceremony
18:0040 km Points Race Men Heat 1
Followed By40 km Points Race Men Heat 2
Wed Oct 6
Start TimeEvent ResultReports
11:30Keirin Men 1st Round
11:50Team Sprint Women Qualification
12:00Keirin Men 1st Round Repechage
12:2025 km Points Race Women Final
12:55Keirin Men 2nd Round
13:10Team Sprint Women Gold Medal Race
13:10Team Sprint Women Bronze Medal Race
13:2025 km Points Race Women Medal Ceremony
13:45Team Sprint Women Medal Ceremony
14:05Keirin Men Final 7-12
14:05Keirin Men Final 1-6
14:2040 km Points Race Men Final
15:10Keirin Men Medal Ceremony
15:2040 km Points Race Men Medal Ceremony
16:30Sprint Men Qualification
17:05Sprint Women Qualification
17:25Sprint Men 1st Round
18:25Team Pursuit Men Qualification
18:55Sprint Men 1/8 Elimination (6 heats of 2)
19:25Sprint Men 1/8 Finals Repechage
Thu Oct 7
Start TimeEvent ResultReports
11:00Sprint Women Quarterfinals Race 1
11:20Sprint Men Quarterfinals Race 1
11:40Sprint Women Quarterfinals Race 2
12:00Sprint Men Quarterfinals Race 2
12:20Sprint Women Quarterfinals Race 3
12:25Sprint Men Quarterfinals Race 3
12:3010 km Scratch Women Final
12:45Sprint Women Sprint 5 to 8
12:50Sprint Men Sprint 5 to 8
12:55Sprint Women Semifinals Race 1
13:05Sprint Men Semifinals Race 1
13:15Sprint Women Semifinals Race 2
13:25Sprint Men Semifinals Race 2
13:3510 km Scratch Women Medal Ceremony
13:55Sprint Women Semifinals Race 3
14:00Sprint Men Semifinals Race 3
14:05Team Pursuit Men Gold Medal Race
14:05Team Pursuit Men Bronze Medal Race
14:20Sprint Women Bronze Medal Race 1
14:25Sprint Women Gold Medal Race 1
14:30Sprint Men Bronze Medal Race 1
14:35Sprint Men Gold Medal Race 1
14:40Team Pursuit Men Medal Ceremony
14:50Sprint Women Bronze Medal Race 2
14:55Sprint Women Gold Medal Race 2
15:00Sprint Men Bronze Medal Race 2
15:05Sprint Men Gold Medal Race 2
15:20Sprint Women Bronze Medal Race 3 (if required)
15:20Sprint Women Final
15:20Sprint Women Final
15:25Sprint Women Gold Medal Race 3 (if required)
15:30Sprint Men Bronze Medal Race 3 (if required)
15:30Sprint Men Final
15:30Sprint Men Final
15:35Sprint Men Gold Medal Race 3 (if required)
Followed BySprint Women Medal Ceremony
Followed BySprint Men Medal Ceremony
17:0020 km Scratch Race Men Qualification
Fri Oct 8
Start TimeEvent ResultReports
11:303000 m Individual Pursuit Women Qualification
12:30Team Sprint Men Qualification
13:103000 m Individual Pursuit Women Bronze Medal Race
Followed By3000 m Individual Pursuit Women Gold Medal Race
13:253000 m Individual Pursuit Women Medal Ceremony
13:45Team Sprint Men Bronze Medal Race
Followed ByTeam Sprint Men Gold Medal Race
13:55Team Sprint Men Medal Ceremony
14:0520 km Scratch Race Men Final
14:3520 km Scratch Race Men Medal Ceremony
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