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Cook Islands

Participant List
Name Gender Height (cm) Weight (kg) Event List
PITA Munokokura Men 16494 Lawn Bowls Singles Men
COOK ISLANDS Men Lawn Bowls Pairs Men
HENRY Vaine Men 158109 Lawn Bowls Triples Men
JIM Teokotai Women 15895 Lawn Bowls Triples Women
TOKORANGI Denis Men 15482 Lawn Bowls Triples Men
TUPUNA Irene Women 16289 Lawn Bowls Singles Women
TOKORANGI Tangata Women 15699 Lawn Bowls Pairs Women
ELISA Porea Women 15278 Lawn Bowls Triples Women
COOK ISLANDS Men Lawn Bowls Triples Men
COOK ISLANDS Women Lawn Bowls Triples Women
TERE Tungane Women 17194 Lawn Bowls Pairs Women
VAILE Kanny Women 16492 Lawn Bowls Triples Women
MAIHIA Tupou Men 16298 Lawn Bowls Pairs Men
INA TOU Ioane Men 15480 Lawn Bowls Triples Men
COOK ISLANDS Women Lawn Bowls Pairs Women
TAKAI Kairua Men 168115 Lawn Bowls Pairs Men
ALI'IVA'A Ritua Kate Women 16874 Netball Women
ARAMA Jubilee Men 18193.0 Boxing Super Heavy Weight (+91 kg) Men
BRUNTON Celeste Roslin Women 16472 Netball Women
Cook Islands Women 16980.0 Netball Women
DAVIDA Noeline Women 17179 Netball Women
GEORGE Curly Esther Women 16384 Netball Women
MATAPO Kelani Women 17884 Netball Women
MATENGA Luciana Women 17881 Netball Women
PERA Sirla Men 17493.67 Weightlifting 94kg Men
PETERS Luisa Women 15688.72 Weightlifting 75+kg Women
PITTMAN Melissa Jane Women 16272 Netball Women
SOLOMONA Holly Women 15969 Netball Women
TAEA Patricia Nooroa Women 1.6274.0 Athletics 100m Women
TAPUTU-CROMBIE Eleanor Women 17185 Netball Women
TE HUNA Patricia Kiri Women 17287 Netball Women
TE HUNA Paula Mereana Women 17389 Netball Women
Teei Brittany Women 16472 Tennis Singles Women
TITOA Mathew Men 17082.0 Boxing Heavy Weight (91kg) Men
Boxing Light Heavy Weight (81kg) Men
TUITUPOU Ngatokoroa Women 17284 Netball Women
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